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Trash Box Disposal, LLC provides temporary 12 and 20 cubic yard containers to Homeowners, Construction Companies, Roofers, and Contractors in the Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois areas.

Evansville, Janesville, Orfordville, Footville, Brodhead, Avon Township, Avalon, Newark Township, Clinton, Edgerton, Milton, Fulton Township, Beloit, South Beloit, Rockton, Roscoe. Southern Wisconsin, Northern Illinois.

Container Options

12 yard waste dumpster
12 Cubic Yard Container

3' tall x 8' wide x 16' long. Holds approximately 6 pickup loads of waste.

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20 yard waste dumpster
20 Cubic Yard Container

4' tall x 8' wide x 20' long. Holds approximately 10 pickup loads of waste.

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20 yard waste dumpster
30 Cubic Yard Container

6' tall x 8' wide x 20' long. Holds approximately 15 pickup loads of waste.

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Time Frame
You can use the container up to 10 days, if you need it longer than 10 days, there will be an additional charge of $15 per day after the 10th day.
Additional Dumps
If you fill the dumpster and you need another dumpster brought back, just call us and we can swap it out. There will be a charge for each additional dumpster. You will get another 10 days to use the dumpster after every dump.
OverWeight Loads
Each Dumpster has a tonnage limit. If you exceed the limit, an additional charge of $45 per ton will be applied. Avoid placing heavy items in the container such as dirt, concrete, sand, or gravel.
Dumpster Placement
Normally, we place containers in the driveway but we will place the dumpster in any safe location you wish. We will place boards under the rollers if requested to minimize any damage to the driveway. Dumpsters should not be placed anywhere with underground systems, such as irrigation or septic systems. We will not be held responsible for damage caused to driveways, lawns, or any other area of your property.
Dumpster Removal
Please make sure the dumpster is accessible when we come to pick it up. If the container is blocked by a car, snow, building materials or if it is overloaded above the fill line, we will be unable to remove it. You will be charged a trip fee of $100 if we cannot remove a container and have to return.

Banned Items

If any of these items are in container, you will be required to remove them prior to pick up.

If you have any of these items or materials and are unsure of how to dispose of them, just give us a call and we may be able to help you find a suitable outlet for disposal.

These items have been banned from disposal at landfills.

Aerosol Cans
Unless they are completely empty.
Animal waste or carcasses
Including deer carcasses, banned from landfills.
May leak out of dumpster if container is punctured and leak onto your driveway.
Large appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.
Unless permitted and manifested prior to container delivery.
Barrels or Drums
They may have contained hazardous chemicals.
Car, Truck, Motorcycle, and all other types of batteries.
Chemicals and cleaners can mix together and become toxic or volatile.
Computers and Electronics.
Monitors, tube televisions, and all computer related items.
Concrete / Dirt / Soil / Gravel / Sand
Material is very heavy and our truck may not be able to lift the container.
Fluorescent Lights or Fixtures
Fluorescent bulbs may contain mercury, a hazardous waste.
High potential for fire, you will be responsible for repairing dumpster if fire occurs.
Hazardous Wastes
They are banned from disposal at landfills.
Paint, chemicals, these items will leak from container during removal.
Medical Waste
Syringes or any material containing blood.
Motor, Hydraulic, Transmission, Cooking / Fryer.
Unless paint is completely dried, we may paint your driveway if it is wet.
Paint chips
They may contain lead and are banned from disposal at landfills.
Pesticides and Herbicides
Banned from disposal at landfills.
Propane tanks or canisters
They may explode at the landfill and cause damage or injury.
Radioactive Materials
Smoke detectors, etc.
Railroad Ties
May contain creosote, a cancer causing chemical.
Banned from disposal at landfills.
Telephone poles
May contain creosote, a cancer causing chemical.
Televisions and other electronic waste is banned from landfills.
Tires / Rims
Banned from disposal at landfills.

Shingle Recycling

In July 2012, the Janesville Landfill banned the disposal of Asphalt Shingles. We haul your Asphalt Shingle waste to an approved recycling facility.

The shingle facility will only accept the following materials.

Asphalt Shingles
Felt Paper attached to Shingles
Nails Mixed with Shingles.

The shingle facility WILL NOT accept the following materials.

If any of these items are in container, you will be required to remove them prior to pick up.
Asbestos Containing materials / shingles.
Cedar shingles.
Household Trash
Wood wastes

Communities we service:

Rock County Wisconsin

Albion Township
Janesville Township
Avon Township
Johnstown Township
Magnolia Township
Beloit Township
Bradford Township
Milton Township
Newark Township
Center Township
Plymouth Township
Clinton Township
Porter Township
Rock Township
Spring Valley Township
Turtle Township
Fulton Township
Union Township
Magnolia Township
Harmony Township

Winnebago County Illinois

Loves Park
Machesney Park
South Beloit

Beloit, WI 53511


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